Lesson 151 – Is there and echo here?

‘All things are echoes of the Voice for God.’

No one can judge on partial evidence. That is not judgement. It is merely an opinion based on ignorance and doubt. Its seeming certainty is but a cloak for the uncertainty it would conceal. It needs irrational defence because it is irrational. And its defence seems strong, convincing, and without a doubt because of all the doubting underneath.

It was a shock to the system going to such a long lesson (nearly 2000 words) after the review period of such few words. It was also one of the most convoluted I’ve read so far, hence I’ve written only the bit that easily made sense to me. Fortunate then that we read the lesson in its entirety at the support group meeting tonight.

Two things struck me, 1) how easy it is to judge others being judgemental, and 2) that all encounters and holy encounters, teaching and learning opportunities for love. The more obnoxious the person, the more opportunity we have to love.  I was happy to give as well as receive tonight, it’s a great feeling.

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