Lesson 150

‘My mind holds only what I think with God.’

(139) I will accept Atonement for myself.
(140) Only salvation can be said to cure.

I didn’t think once of the lesson today, beyond the initial reading that is, but the issue of love and the selfless expression of it permeated the day. I spent most of it with my son’s girlfriend who was helping me with setting up my Penny Dixon Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts for both this site and the Penny Dixon one. Please check out my new pages and my tweets.

She expresses her love for my son in so many overt and subtle ways that I was almost moved to tears. When we went for a drink at the end of the evening she was still working on his behalf and announced that she’d just managed to secure him work experience at the BBC. Even though I know there is some element of ‘specialness’ going on between them it’s beautiful to watch two people so very much in love.

On another note, I have a plea to anyone who’s read Dare to Love and not yet written a review of it on Amazon…can you please, please, spare a few minutes to write just a couple of sentences about what you thought of the book? My publisher said it will make a big difference not just to the sales of Dare to Love but also to the new novel Betrayed, due out in July.

The drive back this week was a little later (helping my son with a presentation for his university course) and a little quicker (no accident on the motorway. Sadly I didn’t make it back in time for Ceroc.

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