BRMB Walkathon 2011

One amazing day!

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More information from the official website ?

Walkathon Total £570.00
Thank you for helping me to raise £570.00 for the BRMB Walkathon. You were all so very generous. Your donations have gone to support a very worthwhile cause. Have a look at the video to see what we were walking for. Thanks to you all. See if you can locate yourself below. If you can’t please let me know and I’ll add you.

Belly dancers – who suggested I walk in costume.
Anne Crossland, Beth Deeth, Claire Dutton, Jacquie Roper, Jane Halloway, Janet Yates, Jenny Powell, Julie Twaney, Linda Nesbit, Maggie Tompkins, Pat Bibbings, Sheila White, Sue Welch, Theresa Murray, Val Rogers.

Writers Without Borders Colleagues
Aileen Yap, Fiona Wallace, Inge Durrani, Ita Gooden, Rashida Bagum, Sue Brown, Viv Yates.

House mates
Alan Hughes, Darren Wedgbury, Farai Muzungu, Mark Seabrooke, Paul Metcalfe, Thomas Patterson, Vicky Cox, Will Harrison.

Alex Greenbank, Alex Thomas, Angela Gordon, Bill Williams, Charmaine Stewart, Coral Pearce, Dali Panesar, David Lees, Del Gardner, Elaine Carter, Geoff Hinsley, Gillian Dowse, Janet Thompson, Janice Price, Josee Honeyball, Jude Ashworth, Karl Knightley, Leona Stewart, Maureen Leadette, Netty Miles, Ramona Baretto, Roger Camden, Sonia Stewart, Soraya Carroll, Stephen Bentley, Tracy Hunt,

Andrew Dixon, Catherine Gabbidon, Chris Stickler, Dave Brown, Jason Brown, Spicy Fingers, Sonia Stewart,

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