Lesson 152 – I have the power

‘The power of decision is my own.’

No one can suffer loss unless it be his own decision. No one suffers pain except his choice elects this state for him. No one can grieve nor fear nor think him sick unless these are the outcomes that he wants. And no one dies without his own consent. Nothing occurs but represents your wish, and nothing is omitted that you choose. Here is your world, complete in all details. Here is its whole reality for you. And it is only here salvation is.

The power of decision is our own. Now we join in glad acknowledgement that lies are false, and only truth is true. We think of truth alone as we arise, and spend five minutes practicing its ways, encouraging our frightened minds with this:

The power of decision is my own. This day I will accept myself as what my Father’s Will created me to be.

Then we will wait in silence, giving up all self deception, as we humbly ask our Self that He reveal Himself to us. In patience wait for Him throughout the day, and hourly invite Him with the words with which the day began.

In the midst of all the rushing around today I found time to reflect on the fact that the decision to rush about was one I had made and could therefore unmake it. As I sat to eat a late lunch at3 p.m.I decided to take a call from a friend who wanted to tell me how much she enjoyed Dare to Love. She said I was like Barbara Taylor Bradford for black people. She went on to explain that she enjoyed reading about issues to which she could directly relate and that not enough writers were writing romantically about theCaribbean.

She also said she can’t wait to read the novel based on parenting…which prompted me to start writing it again today. It’s the first time in about two weeks, but I think I’ve broken through the writing drought, just by the fact that someone is waiting to read it.

I had a long chat with my son today about happiness being a decision. He’s going to read the Alchemist again through new eyes.

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