Lesson 137 – I’m not alone

‘When I am healed I am not healed alone.’

Today’s idea remains the central thought on which salvation rests. For healing is the opposite of all the world’s ideas which dwell on sickness and on separate states. Sickness is a retreat from others, and a shuttin off of joining. It becomes a door that closes on a separate self, and keeps it isolated and alone.

Sickness is isolation. Just as forgiveness shines away all sin, so healing must replace the fantasies of sickness which you hold before the simple truth. Healing is freedom. For it demonstrates that dreams will not prevail against the truth. Healing is shared. Healing is strength. And as you let yourself be healed, you see all those around you, or who cross your mind, or whom you touch or those who seem to have no contact with you, healed along with you.

Those who are healed become the instruments of healing. We will remember as the hour strikes, our function is to let our minds be healed, that we may carry healing to the world, exchaning curse for blessing, pain for joy, and separation for the peace of God.

Give ten minutes to these thoughts at the start and end of the day:

When I am healed I am not healed alone. And I would share my healing with the world, that sickness may be banished from the mind of God’s one Son, who is my only Self.

It took me quite a while to read through this lesson because its another convoluted one and my mind kept wandering to things I had to do and people I needed to call. Again this healing lesson is one that totally resonates with me. I have seen others around me heal as I’ve forgiven them. I know that I’m an instrument of healing – not just physically with Reiki but also in my daily contact with others. I’m not saying this as a brag or a boast, because I also receive healing as I am forgiven and from others around me.

One thing I’ve learned is that healing is a two way process. Most people in the healing professions know this. I mean those with a genuine desire to help others, not simply there for the pay cheque and resenting the sick for getting in their way. Whenever I’ve done a Reiki treatment I feel energised either directly after, or not long afterwards. My reflexologist said she feels the same.

My greatest joy, however, is when I’ve helped someone change their thoughs about sickness, because they heal from the inside, and stop creating further sickness.

I’m going to ACIM support group tonight.

Pics are of one of the exercises on my NLP Master Practitioner Course. After going it alone, I’m guided down blindfolded. An exercise in trust if ever there was one.

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