Lesson 138 – It’s Heaven here

‘Heaven is the decision I must make.’

In this world Heaven is a choice, because we believe there are alternatives to choose between. We think that all things have an opposite, and what we want we choose. If Heaven exists there must be hell as, for contradiction is the way we make what we perceive, and what we think is real.

Choosing depends on learning. And truth cannot be learned, but only recognised. But knowledge is beyond the goals we seek to teach within the framework of this course. Heaven is chosen consciously. The choice cannot be made until alternatives are accurately seen and understood. The conscious choice of Heaven is as sure as the ending of the fear of hell.

We make the choice for Heaven as we wake, and spend five minutes making sure that we have made the one decision that is sane. Before we close our eyes in sleep tonight, we reaffirm the choice that we have made each hour in between.

Heaven is the decision I must make. I make it now; and will not change my mind, because it is the only thing I want.

On a day where I seem to spend a great deal of my time sitting in traffic I had plenty of opportunity to remind myself that Heaven is a decision I must make. It was a bright and warm day in Leamington Spa. The drive from the motorway to the town centre made all the more pleasant with the fleshing out of the trees and shrubs, and the colouring of the canvas with blocks of yellow gorse and swathes of white May flowers. It was a welcome relief from the nose to tail lines of black and silver cars on the M42.

It was no better on the return leg so I got off at the A45 and tried to come in the back way, only to meet a diversion which added an extra 30 minutes to my journey.

I only had time for a brief rest before setting off to see the Kegworth Players in their spring production of two one acts plays, Seascape and Just the Two of Us. One in which all the action takes place in Port Erin on the Isle of Man in the summer of 1942, and the other in a living room in the present day.

Seascape dealt with separation, loss and mistrust in World War Two and Just the Two of Us with the complexities of artificial donor insemination and the new law on children of AI’s right to know who their biological father is.

It was the first time I watched the Players without the aid of alcohol and was pleasantly surprised. I like the whole ‘café style’ seating which allowed us to share our table with the parents of one of the lead players in Seascape.

I had no problem making Heaven my decision today, and despite going to Fit Boot Camp at 7.30 a.m.it wasn’t till11.30 p.m. that my body crashed. And Heaven was a welcomed bed.

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