Lesson 136 – Sickness is not an accident, its a decision

‘Sickness is a defence against the truth.’

No one can heal unless he understands what purpose sickness seems to serve. Sickness is not an accident. Like all defences, it is an insane device for self-deception. And like all the rest, its purpose is to hide reality, attack it, change it, render it inept, distort it, twist it, or reduce it to a little pile of unassembled parts. The aim of all defences it to keep the truth from being whole. The parts are seen as if each one were whole within itself.

Sickness is a decision. It is not a thing that happens to you, quite unsought, which makes you weak and brings you suffering. It is a choice you make, a plan you lay, when for an instant truth arises in your own deluded mind, and all your world appears to totter and prepare to fall. Now are you sick, that truth may go away and threaten your establishment no more.

Truth has a power far beyond defence, for no illusions can remain where truth has been allowed to enter. And it comes to any mind that would lay down its arms, and cease to play with folly. It is found at any time; today, if you will choose to practice giving welcome to truth.

This is our aim today. And we will give a quarter of an hour twice to ask the truth to come to us and set us free. And truth will come, for it has never been apart from us. It merely waits for just this invitation which we give today. We introduce it with a healing prayer, to help us rise about defensiveness, and let truth be as it has always been:

Sickness is a defence against the truth. I will accept the truth of what I am, and let my mind be wholly healed today.

This is another mammoth lesson, almost as long as yesterday’s, and yet so different in the way I’ve received them. This one I’m wholly at peace with, wholly accepting of. I have no difficulty accepting that sickness is a decision because I’ve direct experience of it. I’m learning and changing on a daily basis my defences that lead to sickness. It’s still a process and as soon as I drop my guard a little unreality sneak in. I have to be vigilant every day. I had reflexology today. It’s one way of highlighting issues in the mind that have not yet manifested in the body. It gives us a chance to correct it, to find the truth of the matter rather than choose sickness.

So why am I so accepting of this lesson and not of yesterday’s on planning? I suppose it’s because I’ve not yet tested fully surrendering to my purpose as laid down in the ancient plan. My son laughed at me today. He said without plans there would be no reason for me to be. I have put as much faith in my plans as others have put in their sickness.

On the basis of attempting lack of planning I ended up doing some things differently today…I went with the flow… and learned some new things. But then I didn’t get any writing done on the new novel. The production process had kicked in with the publishers. We’re talking book covers, e-books, and publicity blurb. It will be interesting working on two books at the same time, especially as I should be getting the typeset copy of Betrayed tomorrow.

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