Second tennant moves in

The second tennant arrived this afternoon, and as I hand’t heard from the Scottish lass he had the second ensuite room. I sat down for a meal with both of them tonight and as I listened to the fire officer and the paramedic I was amazed at how much responsibility these young men carry in their jobs. Their’s can be a job of life and death and although mostly they manage to save lives somethimes there is death; and at 26 and 28 years of age they have learned to take it in their stride; to get on with the job in hand and to develop a sense of humour that others may find morbid but which is part of thier way of dealing with things. (Kind of reminded me of working at Glenthorne all those years ago). What else was surprising was realizing that these two young men could meet in thier professional capacity at an incident (at least they’ll know each other).

I have another viewing tomorrow from someone who works in the distribution industry. I’m not quite feeling it with this one (but then I really felt it with the girl from Scotland and she didn’t take the room).

Call me glutton for punishment but I found myself on the internet looking for more houses last night and found a very promising one which Andrew and I are hoping to go and look at on Monday

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