First tennant arrives

My first tennant moved in today. A fire officer. When we first started the conversion I looked at the industries/institutions/services that were in the area and decided that nurses, fire officers and police officers would be ideal tennants. I focused on this throughout the development and planned each room with these people in mind. Imagine my delight and amazement when the first tennant to pay her deposit was a law student (not quite police but legal) the second a fire officer, the tennant due to move in tomorrow is a paramedic (not quite nurse but medical and coming from Wales) and the lady who came to view today is also a law student – moving from Scotland to work in Birmingham but studying at the same law school as the first tennant. I have not believed in coincidences for a while and this has just confirmed this belief for me. It is worth focusing on what you want and believing it will happen.

The last couple of days have been very hectic – still so much to do. Preparing induction material; sorting keys; making up inventories; clearing stuff that’s still around the house – can’t believe how much stuff there is still hanging around. In a wierd way having tennants is going to force me to be a bit more tidy and organised. That’s got to be a good thing.

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