On the brink

Its all feeling a bit unreal – but exciting. The electricians are in today doing the testing for the landlord’s certificate. The final (hopefully) part of the redevdelopment. And I already have 2 tennants waiting to move in. I started to do viewings last week – of the 3 people I showed around 2 have said yes and I think the other would also have said yes if it wasn’t so far from his work. This is very encouraging. They are both interesting people and it will be a pleasure getting to know them. I feel a mountain of paperwork coming on as I rush to get induction folders together and get instructions for using the appliances made up. I’m also wading my way through the changing legislation relating to private landlords (and to think one of the reasons I got out of child care was because it was so heavily regulated and stifling creativity) Still, I guess we have a long way before we get to the same state as Children’s Law.

Thursday night was great – nothing special for my friends but fantastic for me to just be out with no workmen to get up for the next day. And I went to the gym on Friday morning. The mucsles remembered and it felt like I had come home. That seratonin stuff really works. I was nigh on bouncing home, buzzing, on a high from feeling that every muscle in my body was alive. God, I hate being unfit.

So, on the brink of new profession and really looking forward to it.

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