Skipping along

Just realized I haven’t posted a blog since the second tennant moved in – life has been a little hectic, but I feel I have something to celebrate today – They removed the skip. For the last two and a half weeks I’ve been phoning WasteAway every day to come and pick up the skip. They seem to have two people who answer the phone; one appear quite pleasant and the other quite rude. Every day I phoned and if it was the rude one he would say they are running behind because of the snow (long after the snow had gone) if it was the nice one he would say they’ll come and get it today – every day for two weeks I heard that. Sometimes they would actually give me a time and if it went past that time I’d phone again and be told it was the driver’s last job. When I complained to a friend who is in the building trade he explained that they are probably not in a rush because they have to pay to have the skip contents dumped, and if they’re not busy and needing the skip – well – why rush? Anyway, I meditated today and decided to detatch from the whole skip thing, went off to my first ever property auction (huge fun – just looking) and when I came back it was gone; space now for four cars. It had been there so long it almost felt like a permanent feature. Don’t think I’ll be hiring from that company again.

Back to the auction. I was gobsmacked at the prices houses were going for compared with the estate agents. A really nice 2 bedroom flat in Wake Green Rd, Moseley went for £65,000, three bedroom houses from between 65k and 97k, and a four bedroom house in Aston went for £102,000. Whole flats in Nechells went for £34,000 – some people have that much on a credit card. Anyway it was immerse your self in property day cause I went to the Property Investment Network meeting at the Strathallen tonight. It was good to reconnect with investors, and to meet up again with those who didn’t take a break from investing and are now property millionaires – and still down to earth and pleasant. Hi OSA – good to meet you.

And there was one little twist to the end of the day. A police officer is interested in the house – could have the full set of emergency services – how cool would that be?

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