The Fairytale is Over

I’m generally a happy person and usually have great weeks but some weeks are just amazing and I’ve just had one of them. Have you ever had them? You know – the ones where everything you touch turns to gold. Everything just flows, where you glide effortlessly over obstacles and everything you need is presented to you exactly at the time you need it?
Thanks Julie for stepping in at exactly the right time with the solution to my NLP course, and to all my clients for having such brilliant weeks – your success is my delight. Thanks Geoff for providing the solution to the singing lessons, and Andrew the solution to the transport. Sandra, thanks for your input with Veronica’s Room – I’m right on target now.
So if it’s been such a great week how comes is the fairytale over? The title is a misnomer really because the fairytale is only just beginning. I went to see an amazing band called The Fairytale last night at the Hiberian in Birmingham. They were the second of a 4 band line up and stole the show. They’re a young band – very individual – very dynamic – full of energy – and definitely going places. And I’m not just saying that because my son’s the drummer. They completely usurped the headline band who had come over specially from Sweden. To check out their style have a listen to them on

They’ve got gigs more gigs in Birmingahm and gigs lined up in Bath next month and they’re planning a European tour in the Summer. For me – a perfect end to a perfect week…aaahhhh!

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