Single on St Valentine’s night?

St Valentine’s Day is obviously big business now. Enough’s been written about it and I’m not going waste much more time adding to the miles of words already out there about it. I’m not a kill joy, and I’m about as romantic as they come – hearts and flowers mean a lot to me – I just don’t need someone telling me when to give them. I did, however, enjoy this Valentine’s day more than most. Not because of the georgous red dress I got as a present, or the bling jewellery, or the fabulous meal (with my health in mind). All of that was fanastic and much apprecited. What made it more special was that I was performing at Waterstones’s in Birmingham with Writers Without Borders in an evening focused on love and food. This event was absolutely made for me; because, as you know I love food, and I love love. To be in love, to be loved, thinking about love, talking about love, writing about love. And it was just great to be out there on the night rhyming about love…and food.

It was a busy time this week because on Friday night I was at the Museum and Art Gallery doing a re-run of Thursday night. This time at a ‘Singles’ event. I thought there would be about fifty or so people out on the ‘Love Trail’ around the Art Gallery. But no….over two hundred people turned out in search of their perfect partner. Not that we could fit 200 into Gallery 20 where we were performing. There were about 60 or so of them that made it from the bar and the jazz on the main reception area. It was a fantastic night; its always good when members of the audience feel so inspired that they want to join us on two people did just that. One man did a short poem in Urdu and another man an even shorter one from his mobile phone. We were allowed to mingle with the ‘guests’ afterwards – a gift if you wanted to hunt out your perfect partner too. Sadly we were not given a half of a postcard so it we could find the matching half as all the paying guests got on their way in. I haven’t spoken to anyone from our group yet so I don’t know if anyone got lucky.

I do know that one of my friends who I met there is going to meet the other half of her post card again…..maybe….who knows? Can love really be found when the meetings are so contrived?

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Author of novels Dare to Love and Betrayed poetry anthology Raw and blogger
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2 Responses to Single on St Valentine’s night?

  1. RCH says:

    Predencia you look amazing, you write amazing. It is amazing how the dreams we have keep following us till we let them lead our life. That’s what you have been doing and you are doing it so well. Congratulations. Always, Raz

  2. Predencia says:

    Hi Raz. Sorry this reply has taken so long but I have been amazingly busy. Yes, life is just fantastic right now. The acting is going well – Veronica’s Room was a big success. I’ve just taken a well earned rest over the Easter break. I’ll give you a call soon. I hope you are doing really well. Predencia x

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