An Amazing Women’s Day

Some things are just an absolute treat to be a part of and the ‘Amazing Women’s Day’ at Salford University yesterday was one of them. You’ll know if you’ve read my profile that I’m a life coach and this event was made doubly amazing because it was co-hosted by one of my clients – JennyMcGuire. Jenny who a few months ago has difficulty standing up in front of 20 people at business breakfast meetings had organized with her business partner Catherine an event for up to 1000 women. On the day there were approximately 200 and Jenny stood up in front of them and told the story of her journey so far. Of the the way she had buried her issues of abuse and tried to mask them with sex, drugs and booze. And how it was only when she was able to face these things; bring them out into the open, deal with them and learn to love herself again that she was able to move on. I was amazed at her courage and felt intensely proud of her and the work she has gone on to do with her own clients – who were happy to testify of the changes she’s helped them to make.

It was a fun filled day of music, dance, skits, interviews and sharing. Sharing in a way that touched the lives of everyone who was there. I discovered something about myself, about my lingering underlying fear of relationships which I can now put right once and for all. So many other people left with resolutions for making changes and a great many want to come back next year to share their progress. I think that definitely means another one guys. That’s one I’m definitely putting into my diary as soon as you decide a date. Check out Jenny and Catherine at

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