Reasoning with the duppies*

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Wednesday 19th March 2014

While in Clarendon I went to visit the graves of two recently departed relatives, my Aunt who was 101 years old when she died and my nephew who was just 55.

St Peter's Church, Alley, Clarendon, Jamaica St Peter’s Church, Alley, Clarendon, Jamaica

As I sat on my Aunt’s grave in St Peter’s Church in Alley a gentleman rode past on a bicycle. He looked across at me and asked jokingly ‘Are you reasoning with the duppies?’*

Reasoning with the duppies Reasoning with the duppies

‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘they seem to make more sense than the living.’

He laughed as he carried on his way.

2014-03-17 23.14.20

I was struck with the beauty and tranquillity of my Aunt’s final resting place. Huge trees provided shade as well as food (if they needed it). There was an ackee tree laden with fruit a few yards from her grave. Herons stood respectfully to one side. It was hard to…

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  1. Wirkom Fred Mbiydzenyuy says:

    Accept my condolence.

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