Lesson 317 – My only job

I follow in the way appointed me.

I have a special place to fill, a role for me alone. Salvation waits until I take this part as what I choose to do. Until I make this choice, I am the slave of time and human destiny. But when I willingly and gladly go the way my Father’s plan appointed me to go, then will I recognise salvation is already here, already given all my brothers and already mine as well.

Father, your way is what I choose today, where it would lead me do I choose to go; what it would have me do I choose to do. Your way is certain, and the end secure. The memory of You awaits me there. And all my sorrows end in Your embrace, which You have promised to Your Son, who thought mistakenly that he had wandered from the sure protection of Your loving Arms.

A few days ago, in reply to ‘how are you generally?’ I wrote to a friend that sometimes I feel very lonely, but mostly I feel very excited about the new paths I’m discovering. Today in Walking in This World I read a quote by Lorraine Hansberry – ‘The thing that makes you exceptional, if you are at all, is inevitably that which must also make you lonely. My answers come in the most unusual ways, but come they do.

The writing flowed rapidly and easily this morning, broken only by my need to research the church’s view on Yoga. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that only a couple of months ago, on 26 September a priest in Portsmouth withdrew permission for a Yoga teacher to hold classes in the church hall. Yoga is incompatible with Christian teachings he said, being from Hinduism. But this controversy is not new; it’s been around since at least 2006 and has supporters and dissenters from both religions.

Well, here’s a heads up – it will definitely feature in the new book, it was only a maybe before this morning’s research – now it’s a must.

There was a point this morning when I was in the full creative flow, music playing softly, room toasty warm, and ideas flooding out onto the page, when I thought – could anything on earth be better than this? And I couldn’t think of a single thing that gives me this feeling of divine connectedness. Well, maybe one other…

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