Lesson 316 – Gifts for my brother

All gifts I give my brothers are my own.

As every gifts my brothers give is mine, so every gift I give belongs to me. Each one allows a past mistake to go, and leave no shadow on the holy mind my Father loves. His grace is given me in gift a brother has received throughout all time, and past all time as well. My treasure house is full, and angels watch its open doors that not one gift is lost, an only more are added. Let me come to where my treasures are, and enter in where I am truly welcome and at home, among the gifts that God has given me.

Father, I would accept Your gifts today. I do not recognise them. Yet I trust that You Who gave them will provide the means by which I can behold them, see their worth, and cherish only them as what I want.

More lessons in forgiveness – BIG TIME. At the heart of the forgiveness was letting go what I perceive the misdemeanour to be and not try to make the person feel guilty, i.e. leave no shadow on the holy mind my Father loves. I just had to keep reminding myself that whatever I gave to my brother I was giving to myself – did I want guilt? No then don’t give it. Send love instead to ensure that’s what you’ll receive.

Re the new book. The third story is complete and story number four is taking shape. Bliss. Nearly halfway there. It is looking decidedly possible by Christmas.


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