Lesson 280 – No limits

What limits can I lay upon God’s Son.

Whom God created limitless is free. I can invent imprisonment for him, but only in illusions, not in truth. Not thought of God has left it Father’s Mind. No Thought of God is limited at all. No Thought of God but is forever pure. Can I lay limits on the Son of God, whose Father willed that he be limitless, and like Himself in freedom and in love?

Today let me give honour to Your Son, for thus alone I find he way to You. Father, I lay no limits on he Son you love and You created limitless. The honour that I give to him is Yours, and what is Yours belongs to me as well.

I woke to a beautiful Chiswick morning, sunshine streaming in through the naked window, and birds singing hymns in perfect harmony. I meant to go for a walk, but somehow the tentacles of warmth and love wrapped themselves around me and kept me pinned to the settee, encouraging me to catch up on some long overdue correspondence, especially with the characters from the new novel. I got to know one of them very well, and almost wept at her naivety.

In the evening I went to the screening of ‘An Oversimplication of Her Beauty at the C.A.F.E (Carnival Arts Food Empowerment) in Brixton. It was great to see Connie perform again, April in Leeds seem like a long way away. She was, as ever, fantastic. She was accompanied by a drummer who went on to do his own solo. The two representatives of  Silhouettes In the Dark really turned me on with their piece on lust.

The film was worth the wait. It’s brilliantly crafted with a mixture of real people, animation and drawings. It was like being at a comedy show, it was so funny, despite the unscheduled intermission to allow the laptop to cool down. Trinidadian chicken curries and divine carrot cake was the precursor to the night of

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