Lesson 279 – Freedom is promised

Creation’s freedom promises my own.

The end of dreams is promised me, because God’s Son is not abandoned by His Love. Only in dreams is there a time when he appears to be in prison, and awaits a future freedom, if it be at all. Yet in reality his dreams are gone, with truth established in their place. And now is freedom his already. Should I wait in chains which have been severed for release, when God is offering me freedom now?

I will accept Your promises today, and give my fiath to them. My Father loves the Son Whom He created as His Own. Would You with-hold the gifts You gave to me?

On the train to London I had the opportunity to change my seat for someone who preferred to sit front facing. As there were no reservations, and I was supposedly sitting in their seat, I refused to move, as someone was sitting in the seat I had reserved. Maybe it was the way they threatened me by saying they’d seen the train manager and he’d said I had to move, or maybe it was the tone of their voices, but I dug my heels (or should I say buttocks) in and refuse to budge. Not very Christ-like, unlike the gentleman who offered them his seat.

I am always relieved that I no longer have to travel on a regular basis on tube trains in London. The trip included a tube to London Bridge and overhead train to Forest Hill, then a long walk (would have taken a bus if I’d known how far it was going to be), but when I arrived my friend’s home was so welcoming, I was instantly soothed. Aahhh!!

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