Lesson 166 – More gifts

‘I am entrusted with the gifts of God.’

All things are given you. God’s trust in you is limitless. He knows his son. He gives without exception, holding nothing back that can contribute to your happiness. And yet, unless you will is one with His, His gifts are not received. But what would make you think there is another will than his?

God’s will does not oppose. It merely is. The gifts are yours, entrusted to your care, to give to all who chose the lonely road you have escaped. You are entrusted with the world’s release from pain. Betray it not. Become the living proof of what Christ’s touch can offer everyone. God has entrusted all his gifts to you. He has shared his joy with you. And now you go and share it with the world.

It’s the middle of June today and the weather is decidedly autumnal, with bucket loads of rain. I’m trying hard to hold on to the belief that all things are given me, because I definitely had feelings of lack, especially lack of love. How can that be? How does that sneak up on me and make me so fearful? If there is perceived lack, I only need to see things differently, to look through different eyes. But for some reason I could not do it without some help today. I am so very grateful for my girlfriends

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