Lesson 165 – Ask and it is given

‘Let not my mind deny the Thoughts of God.’

What makes the world seem real except your own denial of the truth that lies beyond? What but your thoughts of misery and death obscure the perfect happiness and the eternal life your father will for you?

Deny not heaven. It is yours today, but for the asking. Ask to receive, and it is given you. Ask with desire. Abundance dwells in him and deprivation cannot cut him off.

Practice today in hope. For hope indeed is justified. Your doubts are meaningless for God is certain. This course removes all doubts which you have interposed between him and your certainty of him.

This is the lesson we read all the way though at the support group tonight. All I kept thinking of was where Ester and Gerry Hicks got the title of their book Ask and it is Given from. (see bold quote above). I was way too tired to participate in any meaningful way, and only at the end when we read out to the group the cards we’d picked from the box, did I mention my week of reading David’s Icke’s book. Both my cards had reference to knowledge in different forms. Interestingly some people had never heard of him and those who had giggled or rolled their eyes, even though only one person had read anything he’s written. I guess his interviews must have been off putting enough. But when I mentioned that there were huge similarities between his work and ACIM there was a quiet scepticism and that look some people give you when they’re thinking ‘poor misguided fool.’

I’ve been unable to face the editing of Betrayed and have done no writing on the new novel for the week so far. I did, however bank a small cheque received in dollars fromBarbados. Every little helps.


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