Lesson 157 – A new ministry

‘Into his Presence would I enter now.’

This is a day of silence and of trust. It is a special time of promise in your calendar of days. It is a time Heaven has set apart to shine upon, and cast a timeless light upon this day, when echoes of eternity are heard. This day is holy, for it ushers in a new experience, a different kind of feeling and awareness. You have spent long days and night in celebrating death. Today you learn to feel the joy of life.

This is another crucial turning point in the curriculum. We add a new dimension now; a fresh experience that sheds a light on all that we have learned already, and prepares us for what we have yet to learn. It brings us to the door where leaning ceases, and we catch a glimpse of what lies past the highest reaches it can possibly attain.

Today it will be given you to feel a touch of Heaven, though you will return to paths of learning. From this day forth, you ministry takes on a genuine devotion, and a glow that travels from your fingertips to those you touch, and blesses those you look upon.

It’s kind of weird to think about my life as a ministry, and although on some level I’ve known it for a while, to be told the ministry has, effectively, to go up a notch now was a little daunting. It was certainly not a day of silence, I spent a total of five and a half hours on the phone either being counselled or counselling others. Plenty of trust was required from everyone concerned, because this was real work, where we bared our souls to each other and trusted that the other would hold us in a place of non-judgement and help us to heal.

Yes, for me this is the meaning of true ministry, and if this is what I’m required to devote my life to….BRING IT ON!!

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