Lesson 147

‘My mind holds only what I think with God.’

(133) I will not value what is valueless.
(134) Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.

Today I was told that I’m valued (more than it appears). Thank you, if you are reading this, it means a lot to me, especially as the lesson today is about value. After a turbulent week I really needed to get back to a place of peace, and realised it was my lack of forgiveness (particularly of two people in my life) that was keeping peace at bay. I’ve been too busy nursing an illusionary hurt which had me descending into lower and lower self esteem, too busy valuing what is valueless to notice that it was my ego’s attachment to my perceived slights that was keeping me in turmoil.

As soon as I made the choice to forgive, i.e. when I remembered that what I give to others I give to myself, when I wished my brother peace, I also found mine. Always when this happens I wonder why it was I forgot, why do I put myself through all that pain to return to this point? My one consolation is that the circles from pain to forgiveness are getting smaller.

Once I’d released my brothers with a text and an email, I felt liberated to join with the sunshine and the vibrant energy of the day. First stop was a trip to collect a couple of small orgonites from a friend, only to find he’d made the most enormous one which stood nearly three feet off the floor (see pic). It was great to watch an artist at work, secure in his creativity.

Then I picked up another friend and went to join the other thousands of people inCannonHillPark, before returning home to join in the BBQ. It was one of those perfect days that came from an open heart and a forgiving and forgiven mind. I am soooooo blessed.

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