Lesson 133 – Getting value

‘I will not value what is valueless.’

Sometimes in teaching there is benefit, particularly after you have gone through what seems theoretical and far from what the student has already learned, to bring him back to practical concerns. This we will do today. We will not speak of lofty, world encompassing ideas, but dwell instead on benefits to you.

You may not ask too much of life, but far too little. Today we list the real criteria by which to test all things you think you want. First, if you choose a thing that will not last forever, what you choose is valueless. Time cannot take away a value that is real.

Next, if you choose to take a thing away from someone else, you will have nothing left. This is because, when you deny his right to everything, you have denied your own.

And so we come to the criterion for choice that is the hardest to believe, because its obviousness is overlaid with many levels of obscurity. If you feel any guilt about your choice, you have allowed the ego’s goal to come between the real alternatives.

Our two extended practice periods of fifteen minutes each begin with this:

I will not value what is valueless, and only what has value do I seek, for only that do I desire to find.

And then wait to receive what waits for everyone who reaches, unencumbered to the gates of Heaven, which swings open as he comes.

One of the first things I valued today was the call from my friend inCanadato wish me a happy Mother’s Day, as this is the day it’s celebrated on that side of the world. It was a long catch up, nearly two and a half hours. She’s been my friend since I was 17, and I value that. She does not judge me. I value that also.

Next I had a call from my friend in London who wanted to relay the dream she had about me. It was a long one, two and three-quarters of an hour – dream analysis can take a long time. She too does not judge me, and is there as a spiritual travelling companion. I value that.

I valued the long walk in Cannon Hill Park in the sunshine and warmth, taking in the stunningly vibrant hydrangeas and the one legged ducks/geese. And yet another nearly two hour call from a friend in Birmingham, who, when she heard about my search for truth, offered me her knowledge and wisdom on the topics I was grappling with. I value that.

I was up till one o’clock a.m.last night researching Kemetic Spirituality. It made me realise that my ‘Gateway of Thoth’ meditation most certainly has had an effect on the speed and quantity of my writing as he is the deity of scribes. I feel I’ve made another of those giant leaps that takes me several steps nearer to fulfilling my life purpose. I value that.

None of these things are material. I didn’t have to buy them, and I am so much richer for having them. And hey, I didn’t feel guilty about any of the choices I made today.

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