Lesson 112 – Review 22

‘Light and joy and peace abide in me.’

 I am the home of light and joy and peace. I welcome them into the home I share with God, because I am a part of him.

 ‘I am as God created me.’

 I will remain forever as I was, created by the Changeless like Himself. And I am one with Him, and He with me.

On the hour: Light and joy and peace abide in me.
On the half hour: I am as God created me.

What a difference a day makes – not for the first time I’ve made that observation. Whatever crazy place my head was yesterday, it’s returned. I’m myself again, the home of light and joy and peace, exactly as God created me. Maybe it was because I had a client today and had to be in good shape for someone else, or because I got out of my room, or maybe it was because the sun was shining and people in Birmingham city centre smiled at the exhibition of old cars at the Austin Owners Day outside the Council House, or because I help two people with their queries, or maybe I was remembering that I am the home of light and joy and peace, and without blemish, as God created me. Or maybe it was just hormonal. Whatever it was… I felt (and still feel) on top of the world today.

I met my son’s girlfriend, a delightful young woman; and was impressed by the quiet way he reassured her, helped to ease her initial tension till she was able to relax. I felt pleased to have contributed to that side of him in some small way.

I did in one hour the same amount of editing it took me all day to do yesterday. Even so, it’s not complete, and I’ve missed (my own self-imposed) deadline to get it to the publisher by today. Hopefully tomorrow…

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