Lesson 111 – Review 21

‘Miracles are seen in light.’

I cannot see in darkness. Let the light of holiness and truth light up my mind, and let me see the innocence within.

Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.’

I see through strength, the gift of God to me. My weakness is the dark and His gift dispels, by giving me its strength to take its place.

On the hour: ‘Miracles are seen in light.’

On the half hour: ‘Miracles are seen in light, and light and strength are one.’

This section reviews two lesson each day and the format is pretty much the same for all the days, that is, first thing in the morning and last thing at night, and throughout the day every half an hour, one lesson on the hour and the other on the half hour.

The format is to devote five minutes twice a day, or longer if you prefer, to considering the thoughts that are assigned. Read over the lessons and comments that are written down for each day’s exercise, and then begin to think about them, while letting your mind relate them to your needs, your seeming problems and all your concerns.

I had scheduled the whole day to get as close as possible to finish editing Betrayed. Somehow, after a fitful sleep (the result of a late email I read) I couldn’t get settled. The follow-up email this morning just further added to my confusion. I am being challenged big time to trust the process of life and expunge all thoughts of lack from my mind. When did they creep back – or maybe it never really left, or has just returned in a different guise?

Despite my practice sessions today I did not find a miracle and only managed to edit ten of the seventy pages I’d planned. Hope tomorrow is a better day, where I will be more successful in remembering that my purpose here is happiness.

Here’s the picture you requested D. Hope you like it.

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