Dance for Ethopia -Charity Event

When I got a text from Becks (Rebecca Hemmings) of Shok Out Dance Fitness on Sunday informing me of this two hour charity Zumba event, I checked my diary quickly. It’s one I didn’t want to miss. Becks is one of the most energetic and infectiously motivational dancer I’ve ever worked with. Besides, Ethiopian children are dear to my heart. I’ve been sponsoring children inEthiopia through the charity PLAN for the last thirteen years.

 It’s one thing giving a donation, its another thing entirely getting so much fun in the bargain. We had an hour of Becks own Shok Out routine, a whole dance piece choreographed from scratch with a room full of about sixty people, of differing ages and abilities. Predictably it was mostly women, but it was great to see some men in there flexing to the moves. We worked hard, and were grateful for the fifteen minute break before being taken through our paces by a variety of Zumba teachers – an hour non-stop. Not even for water.

The music was thumping, the waistlines were sliding, the room was sizzling. I haven’t worked so hard in a while. Ceroc is a piece of cake compared to this. Incidentally, the event was held in the same room at the Tally Ho where I go for Ceroc.

Check out this link for all the information on the charity, what they do, who they help and whySharonset it up. Check out the rest of Beck’s site too, and if you’re close enough check out her classes and events.

Loved it Becks. And thanks for the water and oranges. There are way more pictures on the Shok Out site. I chose to dance rather than take pictures. These are just a few I took after the event while still dripping in sweat.

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  1. Thank you so much for your support and this write up! We (Shok Out Dance Fitness) are really happy with the night and look forward to counting the money we raised, people were very generous.

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