Lesson 109 – A day of rest

‘I rest in God.’

We ask for rest today, and quietness unshaken by the world’s appearances. We ask for peace and stillness, in the midst of all the turmoil born of clashing dreams. We ask for safety and for happiness, although we seem to look on danger and on sorrow.

‘I rest in God.’ This thought will bring you the rest and quiet and stillness and the safety and the happiness you seek. ‘I rest in God.’ This thought has power to wake the sleeping truth in you, whose vision sees beyond appearances to that same truth in everyone and everything there is.

In Him you have no cares and no concerns, no burdens, no anxiety, no pain, no fear of future and no past regrets. In timelessness you rest, while time goes by without its touch upon you. You rest today. And as you close your eyes, sink into stillness. Let these periods of rest and respite reassure your mind that all its frantic fantasies were but the dreams of fever that has passed away.

Each time that you take your rest today, a tired mind is suddenly made glad, a bird with broken wings begins to sing, a stream long dry begins to flow again. The world is born again each time you rest, and hourly remember that you came to bring the peace of God into the world, that it might take its rest along with you.

You rest within the peace of God today, quiet and unafraid. Each brother comes to take his rest, and offers it to you.

There was so much I had planned to do today, but I heeded the lesson and rested in God. Maybe it was the reflexology treatment yesterday, or the massage or the combination of the two, but I felt very chilled, not wanting to rush around. There really is something exquisitely peaceful when you quieten the clatter of everyday life. Of course most of the clatter goes on in one’s head. Today I found a way to silence a thought that had been very stubborn in its presence. I reframed the experience as a beautiful holiday and found much comfort and pleasure in it, instead of anxiety and worry.

In timelessness you rest, while time goes by without its touch upon you. I chuckled at this as I thought about my age-reversing experiment. Taking steps back to 25. Each day when you do not get any older is a day when time passed you by without touching you.

I decided to give the Fitness Boot Camp a miss and postponed a visit to a friend. I had only two phone calls, and spent a lot of time on my own, editing. I hadn’t realised before, that editing is a highly reflective activity, but I’m going to have to put my skates on if I’m going to get it off to the publisher by Sunday.

Tomorrow night I’m doing a two hour charity Zumba class with Shok Out Becks. Guess I won’t be doing much resting.

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