Lesson 108 – Giving and receiving

‘To give and to receive are one in truth.’

Vision depends upon today’s idea. True light that makes true vision possible is not the light the body behold. It is a state of mind that has become so unified that darkness cannot be perceived at all. This is the light that shows no opposites, and vision being healed, has power to heal. This is the light that brings your peace of mind to other minds, to share it and to be glad that they are one with you and with themselves. This is the light that heals because it brings single perception, that giving and receiving are the same.

Today we practice with the special case of giving and receiving. To give is to receive. Today we will attempt to offer peace to everyone, and see how quickly peace returns to us. So we begin the practice periods with the instruction for today and say:

To give and to receive are one in truth.
I will receive what I am giving now.

Then close your eyes and for five minutes think of what you would hold out to everyone, to have it yours. You might for instance say:

To everyone I offer quietness.
To everyone I offer peace of mind.
To everyone I offer gentleness.

Say each one slowly and then pause a while, expecting to receive the gift you gave. And it will come to you in the amount in which you gave it.

Our very simple lesson for today will teach you much. Effect and cause will be far better understood from this point on, and we will make much faster progress now.

This is the lesson that keeps me on the straight and narrow. It was a MASSIVE one to grasp first time round, but once it sank in I could never again blame anything outside of me for my state of mind. ‘I will receive what I am giving now.’ And I’ve monitored it in my life from then. Always when I’m not getting something it’s because I’m not giving it, and conversely when I’m getting something unpleasant it’s because I’ve been giving it out.

If we’re being met with anger, its because we’re giving out anger. It may not be the open aggressive anger we’re experiencing from others, it may the kind that bubbles and boils on the inside, but energetically it is being returned to us.

On the other hand, if we’re being met with happy helpful people and situations, it’s because that’s what we’re giving out.

The thing I learned from this was that if I am the cause of the effect, then there was no point trying to change the effect. I have to change the cause. If I want a different response from people I have to change the way I approach them, not keep my approach the same and expect something different from them. They are merely returning to me what I sent to them, fear, anger, mistrust, peace, love, joy.

Since practicing this as much as I can, I have indeed experienced miracles, but not without a fight from the ego.

Whenever you find yourself blaming somebody else for the way you are feeling just remind yourself that ‘I will receive what I am giving now.’ You too will be blamed for someone else’s feelings, and so the vicious cycle continues, until we decide to break it.

On another note: the editing is a little slow, but my Ceroc is coming on in leaps and bounds. I moved up to the intermediate class tonight, and was pretty much on the dance floor all night for the freestyle. I am missing belly dance but this is a great substitute for now. I’m going to keep it going when I start back at belly dance.

Pics are of Ceroc style dancers in Barbados. Would be great to be back there in the warmth.

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