Lesson 75 – The light is here

‘The light has come.’

The light has come. You are healed and you can heal. The light has come. You are saved and you can save. You are at peace, and you bring peace with you wherever you go. Darkness and turmoil and death have disappeared. The light has come.

Today we celebrate the happy ending of your long dream of disaster. Our exercises for today will be happy ones, in which we offer thanks for the passing of the old and the beginning of the new. Our longer practice periods will be devoted to looking at the world that our forgiveness shows us.

Begin the longer practice periods by telling yourself the glad tidings of your release:
‘The light has come. I have forgiven the world.’
The shorter practice periods, too, will be joyful reminders of your release. Rejoice in the power of forgiveness to heal your sight completely. Be confident that on this day there is a new beginning. Should you be tempted, say to anyone who seems to pull you back into darkness:
‘The light has come. I have forgiven you.’

I went for run this morning, and instead of listening to my music I repeated today’s lesson. It was AMAZINGLY uplifting, felt like a real celebration, even though it didn’t feel like I was celebrating anything tangible. But I guess love isn’t tangible but we know when we feel it, neither is fear tangible and we certainly know when we feel it. So today I celebrated at least a hundred times, and didn’t find a single situation in which I had to use the shorter version, as no one could pull me back into darkness today.

The last couple of days I’ve been talking a lot to people whose relatives are ill. At the funeral yesterday I spoke for quite a while to someone whose husband has cancer, this is the third time and in a different place in his body each time. I recommended Andreas Moritz’s book(2009) ‘Cancer is not a disease, it’s a survival mechanism’ to her, and to my friend who called from London while I was at the funeral to tell me her mother had just been diagnosed with leukemia. Today one of my best friend’s daughter was being tested for multiple sclerosis. Yesterday my brother was discharged from hospital in Manchester after undergoing a blood transfusion and a series of tests. Tonight we received an email asking us to send positive energy to a another friend’s husband who’s been taken back into hospital with cancer.

Why, if we are spending so much money on cancer research are we getting so many more incidences of cancer? Please, if you know someone who has cancer, read Andreas’s book.

Had a great session with my client doing our interviewed for the pretend version of ‘Desert Island Disc.’ It was sooo much fun.

Novel update: 30 more pages to edit, but seriously can’t do another word tonight.  Too many interruptions today to finish, including calls from my son who started his new job in Bermuda, having returned from New York last night with appropriate visa and permit in place. He delighted in telling me about the fish he could see in the clear warm sea. Discussed possible names with one of my readers.

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