The Next Step

Now that the pressure of building has eased there’s a little more time for us to catch up on a few social things. The Glee Club on the 20th was a great night out – 5 tenants and 2 friends came (that’s not to imply that the tenants aren’t friends – they are – and they are great fun. After the sidesplitting laughter (the last act being the funniest – don’t think it was just the wine), and the boogieing on down to the ‘disco’, we found an Indian restaurant and somehow didn’t make it home till 3.45 a.m. The only downside was that we were entertaining in Kegworth the next day – late lunch at 2.30 so no lie in. It was fun though.

The big thing was this weekend. We went to a 3 day ‘Law of Attraction’ seminar in London run by a guy called Joseph McClendon the 3rd. He’s Tony Robbin’s head coach/presenter and he was amazing. Yes it was very American; lots of loud music, clapping, dancing, shouting, hugging, baring of the soul etc etc etc. BUT IT WORKS if you really get into it. It doesn’t work as well if you sit on the edge and think too much about it. If you’re prepared to make yourself look silly, let yourself go – its powerful stuff. I learned new techniques to work on manifesting; to let go of negative emotions; to take care of my health (stop eating sugar that feed the parasites).

Andrew said he felt taller (scary stuff at his height) and I certainly walked on air for at least some of the time. It was a totally rejuvenating experience. I would really recommend him. I think he’s back in London in November. He’s running a health retreat in Geneva in July but at 3000 euros each we passed on that one. Feel I know a fair bit about health anyway.

Made some new friends and got reacquainted with old ones. Ate in an Ethiopian restaurant for the first time – not impressed with the flat bread. It had the texture of lace and just dissolved in the mouth. May have been tastier if it was served warm, but a very friendly place. Lovely, lovely weekend!!

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