Back in the arts

Not long back from new belly dance class; and still buzzing. This new teacher (Stella) is very meticulous in her choreography and making sure we all get it. Even after just three weeks we are looking quite coordinated. This week I’ve really been practicing my isolations and its paid off. I was doing fine with my Egyptian walk till she said ‘now do it on the spot – flatfooted’ I obviously need a lot more flexibility in my hips to master that one. She kept telling me to keep my back straight and my shoulders down. It would be really helpful to have mirrors but alas; the Conservative club is not a dance studio. It feel good to be this excited about dance again.

On another note – after months in the theatre dessert we went twice in three days. If you get a chance to catch ‘Cling to me like Ivy’ at Birmingham Reps ‘Door’ you will not be disappointed. On the surface its a play about hair but there is so much more; and if you have a fear you have been terrified of facing – this is a MUST – but you’ll have to hurry its only on till the 21st Feb.

‘Forever Young’ is playing at the Nottingham Playhouse till 27th Feb. Be prepared to burst into spontaneous laughter and to have some of your stereotypes seriously challenged. I heard an article on the radio a few days ago that researchers found that one of the 6 most effective things at keeping you young is laughter – being able to see the funny side of life. Go with an open mind and you may shed a few years by the end.

I declined an offer to perform peotry at the Public in West Bromwich on Friday 26th. It’s an evening with Spicy who’s promoting his new book. Not sure I’m ready for sharing a stage with him yet but that aside I have a prior engagement. If you are interested it starts about 9pm.

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