Breathing space

Got a letter from the court today – the new hearing has been set for 22 January next year. It will be a relief not to have to think about it before or over Christmas.

Did some bellydance practice today and was surprised at how much the muscles are remembering. I can coordinate both floreos arms (even if I have to count 1-2-3-4 over and over again. Pretty pleased with myself. Got some lovely comments from a friend who watched the wedding performance on YOUTUBE. Its encouraging me to keep going.

Back in the property and coaching saddle today – hit the ground running after being kept awake till 1 a.m. by a student Haloween party in Kegworth. Who would have thought it! I had to go back to Brum to get some sleep. Did you know that the police no longer have powers to go in and ask noisy neighbours to quieten down – apparently it is now the responsibility of the Local Authority who don’t have a 24 hour service and wait till it becomes repetitive before taking action. Fortunately the students were very co-operative when I went and asked them to turn down their music. They were very apologitic and responded quickly. Some interesting Haloween costumes!!

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