Time out

I’ve had to take a couple of days out for R&R. The need became evident when I forgot a lunch date with a friend on Monday. I was in Leamington buying furniture at the time I should have been enjoying a three course lunch (had a sandwich from a garage that day-a poor substitute).

Had to hand deliver the court papers on Monday as the post office couldn’t even guarantee the Special Delivery service due to the strikes. I took my coach’s advice and actually enjoyed putting the stuff together. It was like a well presented report by the end and I was very pleased with it. Took me back to the days when I did reports on a regular basis.

Spent most of yesterday catching up on social phone calls, reading and sleeping. Today I went to the gym and had the most devine massage. After a leisurely pot of Earl Grey and a muffin I followed the Sutton Bonninton footpath for a while. It was an incredibly lovely autumn afternoon but I set out too late to make it all the way to Sutton Bonnington. A long boat owner told me about ‘Deep Lock’ and thr history behind it.

All this meant that I didn’t make it to my belly dance class this week. Teacher said to keep practicing the floreos and ballet arms. I feel I’m getting them a bit better now as I naturally hold the ballet arms as I take up the dance position.

A couple of opportunities for poetry performance coming up; this Friday at the ‘Public’ in West Bromwich and again on the 13th Nov. Also going to see a group of South African poets at the Drum on Saturday night. Looked at the BBC My Story site last night – still thinking of a story to write. But I have decided to write one.

Its a juggle between property and performing at the moment and property is definitely winning.

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