Belly Dance Progress

All good bellydancers must have some presence on the web and apart from my tentative attempts on my website I am now on YouTube! Hurray! The wedding bellydance is finally posted by the videographers. You can watch it at

They’ve only put up the veiled dance. The raunchier Shakira one (which so embarassed my boys) willbe posted on my website in the portfolio section – waiting for Andrew to do that for me but he’s so busy just now….

So how has my first week been? Dedided to keep paper journal as I have a big enough handbag to carry one – laptop doesn’t quite fit my bag. Viewed loads of flamenco style dances to see if there are any moves I’d like to incorporate in my dance; eventually after seeing a dance by my teacher decided on; square turns, penatgon turns, fireny walk, zig zag hot backs, cash steps, shoulder and hip shimmies, floreos, knee raises and a fair bit of skirt ruffling. I was sent home to practice upward and downward undulations and piston hips (which involve an amazing amount of glutes work) Have been given specific glutes exercised – my I’m going to have a tight arse. Need to lose about 7 pounds if I’m really going to look the part (how quickly it shot back on after the wedding).

On another performance matter. Passed up the opportunity to perform at a Black History Month event on October 10th as that weekend is a social whirl with a bit of R&R at Champney Springs thrown in. It’s all very exciting . Being Mrs Dixon is much more fun than I expected.

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