Back on the creative path

I’m always amazed at the time gap between post. I think its a week or so and when I come to write again find it two or even three weeks. In the last few weeks I’ve had a birthday – very low key coming so close on the heel of the high profile wedding. We had a hot stone massage; our first one-and a wedding gift. The stones were beautiful and I must confess to being very impressed with Banatynes in Brindley Place where we had it. One of my sons joined us for dinner in one of the Italians restarants in Brindley Place. He was working early the next day and Andrew was driving so I was forced to drink most of the two bottles of Survignon Blanc by myself. And was really surprised when the waiting staff who found out it was my birthday brought me a candle in my dessert and all gathered to sing me happy birthday.

I had a most amazing reading at the mind, body, spirit fair at the Council House in Birmingham on Saturday from a guy called Ian on the ‘Lizian’ stand. Apparently I need to get back into my creative activities and from my last birthday I come into a most ‘progressive’ phase – roughly translated means I can do anything I set my mind to. SO I’ve set my mind on becoming an international bellydancer!! Well, if the man is right it should be possible.

So this is where the creative path come back into the blog. I’ve agreed with my bellydance teacher to learn a dance to be performed solo at the next Hafla. I enjoyed the performance at the wedding so much that I have a real taste for solo performance. To keep me on track and to chart my progress I’m going to keep a diary (Diary of an International Bellydancer) may even do it on line. There’s a mixture of fear and excitement at this prospect but if my chances of acheiveing whatever I want in the next 6-7 years are so greatly increased why not go for it?

WE GOT THE WEDDING DVD yesterday. I’ve watched it 3 times. It is fab and was certainly worth the wait. I saw so much that I didn’t on the day. I can’t get over how much laughter there was- how happy everyone appeared and how much fun we had. Everyone was so beautiul – so proud of my boys.

So – my next performance will be at the Christmas Hafla in Sutton. I just have to perfect the dance – watch this space!!

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