Two weeks since I last blogged and it feels like two days. Where does the time go? Loads have happened since which I’m sure I’ll get round to writing about when I have a bit more time. And yet no news from the contractor taking me to court. If you’re reading this – what’s going on? Please send me a reply to my email.

Been sorting out the photo albums/books/dvds/cd. Takes ages. Now have absolutely fantastic collage on wall. A1 size beautifully framed. Also got some really lovely frames from Debenhams for wall pictures of me, Andrew and the guys. Managed to deliver a few framed pictures of friends to them and and little personalised albums to bridesmaid, ushers and bestman (back in the UK for a few days before jetting off back to New York).

Went to a performance workshow with WWB today. Made relaize how far I’ve drifted from the performing world – haven’t done any writing in ages – so decided to book myself into a poetry workshop the day before my birthday. Wedding hardly over and having to think about what to do for my birthday. Current options. Party at home…Glee Club….Dinner with Andrew….Girls night in…Dinner out with friends…Still thinking about it.

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