Live right for your type

I’ve been introduced to a new diet (or rather a way of life) based on blood type. It’s by a guy called Peter D’Abalo and basically says that there are certain personality traits that can be attributed to our blood types and certain foods that affect the different blood types in different ways. Andrew and I are trying it out. Basically he has to steer clear of wheat, dairy and various grains and pulses. I have to steer clear of chicken (sob! sob!) avocado (more sobs) cashews (how am I going to survive) and corn in all its forms. Be a bit of a blow when I go to the cinema tomorrow.

There are loads of avoids of things I’ve taken for granted such as tomatoes, cucumber, soya and even pumpkin. What to bulk out soup with now as lentil are also off the menu. We’re going to start properly tomorrow and see where we get to. The diet is supposed to help you live longer, deal with a multitude of ailments (if you have them) and give you loads more energy. I’ll let you know hiw it goes.

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