The fun continues

Saturday at Writers Without Borders was great – some fantastic writing – and the cake went down well. One member took a piece home for her daughter in the hope it may encourage her to become a less of a reluctant bride. I did the poem I’ve written for Andrew ‘Refugee’ – first public performance. It was very fitting; given that I’ve just taken his name. ‘After dinner Speech’ also got its first airing but it was proably better to have left it till another time. I brought in a few photos of the wedding to show the group and heard the word ‘stunning’ used several times about my dress. I was flattered.

Its now August and the scene is set for a round of birthdays. I have 9 friends and family with birthdays in August. I was out for a meal with one of them tonight. Her daughter arranged a surprise dinner at San Carlos on Temple St in the city cente. Its years since I’ve been there and I’d forgotton how lovely the food is and how vibrant and alive the atmosphere is. Those Italian waiters still work magic with the guests on the charm front – so much so that we didn’t grumble about the £20 service charge the added to the bill. They did such a splendid rendition of ‘Happy Birthday to you, it was worth it. Wine on par with the Belfry prices but it was a great evening – first official invite as Mr and Mrs.

I’m going to need to put in some serious time in the gym over the next few weeks if I’m not to undo all the good work which enabled be to fit into that dress.

I’m still reliving the day as I sift through the photos to choose the best ones for the albums/DVD. I am taken aback by the joy and laughter on the faces of our guests – especially when they are not aware of being photographed/filmed. Aahhh….it was such a wonderful day.

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