Getting back to normal

Two weeks ago today I was preparing for a wedding. Tonight I’m preparing for my writing group tomorrow. I’ll be taking wedding cake for the group. Tonight I also performed the veiled dance as a group – it didn’t work as well – too many of us on the stage and we looked scrappy. Some amazing dances by other performers. I’ve decided to try some other teachers over the summer; get a new perspective, learn some new moves. After the wedding I realized that I love dancing solo. I just need to get good enough to be able to do it well – and I can.

There are some fantastic wedding pictures. I’ll be getting some of them on the web soon. I’ve joined Facebook so could post them there. And still the thank you cards keep coming. At least we managed to get our sent out today – even things up a bit I guess. It took almost all day to write them up as I wanted to address and thank each guest personally, and to let them know that our wedding is being featured in the Sunday Telegraph’s Sunday magazine ‘Stella’ on the 9th August.

Today feels a long way removed from the visit to court on Monday – concilation didn’t work and I’ve since learned a lot about water standards. About the WRC and Whitters and about junctions and connections. I’ve had to educate myself quickly to understand what I need to clarify with the independent surveyor who will be appointed by the claimant to assess what has and has not been done to our drains. Now the wedding is over I can dedicate a lot more time to understanding this issue as it will be going to full hearing and I expect to win.

I’m looking forward to reading poems tomorrow and to hearing others’ writings. Still living in bubble of love -it feels great!!

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