Venturing out

It’s Wednesday and I’m going to venture out into Birmingham. We’ve hardly left the house; I went with Andrew to see his parents on Monday for about 30 minutes and to the Co-op for ten minutes yesterday. We spent most of the day opening presents on Monday and have been overwhelmed by our guests generosity. (And we haven’t had the gifts purchased through Debenhams delivered yet but we are aware of who bought us what) We know of some of the contributors to our Paris trip but not all the names were recorded so thank you, thank you, thank you everyone.

We’ve been sent the web proofs of the wedding photos and are taken aback by the way the photographer managed to capture the essence of the day – every looks so happy! In fact the toast master told us that it is the happiest wedding he has ever presided over – and he’s been at it a long time. I’ll email the photo link in case you want to see what happened at the cermony (if you weren’t there) or if you want to purchase photos. The rep from Stella magazine (Daily Telegraph) phoned yesterday to check if everything went OK and how I felt about the day. Article will be out towards the end of August. Will keep you posted.

We’ve received a number of thank you cards from our friends saying how much they enjoyed the day/evening; what a unique event it was; and one guest so enjoyed using the mike in front of an audience that she’s considering a change of career!!

I feel like I’m still floating around in a bubble. I want to hold on to this feeling for as long as I can.

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