Breathing out

Oh my God, what a day!! It’s true what they say, it all goes by so quickly. All those months (even years) of planning and suddenly it’s over. It’s the end of the night and you are climbing into bed – legal status completely changed, clutching either a new husband or a new wife. And what a day it was. Such a kelideoscope of of wonderful moments; so many smiling, laughing, joyous faces; so many well wishes; so many amazing people in one room; the light, the energy that glowed from everyone. I will never forget the day.

The day went almost to plan; and where it deviated I’m sure it was all in divine order. Just a bit of information for those I didn’t get round to telling on the day. The wedding is being featured in the Daily Telegraph’s ‘Stella’ magazine. You could not have failed to notice that there was a camera crew with rather specialists lighting equipment – well, that was the Telegraph’s camera guys. I was told they would arrive, stay for about 20-30 minutes and would discretely take some pictures. As you will remember they were around for the ceremony and the whole of the photography session (and I’m told they were taking pictrues before the cermony too) I hadn’t mentioned this to anyone for two reasons. 1) They may not have arrived and people’s expectations may bad been dashed, and 2) People may have been anxious and I didn’t want that. Not even Andrew knew – and it wasn’t till we were well into our meal that I told him. He was cool about it. I’ll let you know when the article will be out.

I loved the ceremony. Walking into the room and seeing all those beaming faces, knowing that they were all rooting for us, and seeing the look on Andrew’s face when he turned around a saw me would have been enough for the day – and yet there was so much more.

I’m not sure what was going on on Table 4 but all the other tables wanted some. Thanks to those of you who were grateful for the speeches being short – and thanks to my brother for sparing you from some of my much more embarassing moments. He was very kind. There was such amazing energy in the room, which only intensified when all the evening guests arrived. Such colour, such vibrancy, such love – we felt it from everyone – not a single grumpy person in the house. We didn’t know Lassell was going to ask people to come up and say things about us so we were totally taken aback by all the lovely things everyone said.

And yes, Andrew was as surprised as you were by the belly dance. You have no idea how difficult its been trying to keep it secret for so many months. We’ve had many request for a posting on Youtube, we’ll see what we can do. Just for the information, there was a bit of confusion with the music on my first dance – the DJ thought I’d finished and turned faded the music when in fact I was only half way though the dance – maybe that’s all you were meant to see. Anyway thanks for your appreciation for the Shakira dance. My eldest son has calculated how much it’s going to cost him for therapy to get the image out of his head of his mom dancing to one of his favourite songs.

And I’m really surprised that so many of you made it to the Belair – and were still there at closing time. 4 a.m, totally exhausted but still high on adrenaline we made it to bed. It was a perfect day.

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