ITVs Great Biritsh Body

Thanks to everyone who watched Trinny and Suzanna’s Great Birtish Body Monday 2nd to Wed 4th June. I missed Monday night because I was singing with Birmingham International Voices (BIVS) at Birmingham Council House . It was the presentation ceremony for the students graduating from The College for International Citizenship. It was the second time I’d done it and have been very moved by the whole thing on both occasions. I love the Council House, and especially the Banqueting Suite where the presentations are held. The rich reds and golds are so beautifully complemented by the stunning colours of the floral and plant arrangements.

I got home just in time to catch the last five minutes of The Great British Body but was able to watch all of Tuesday and Wednesday night episodes. Now, I’m not usually a fan of Trinny and Suzanna but could really sign up to what they were trying to do in this series, which was to get people to love and appreciate the bodies they are in now – even if they are working towards change. It is very much in keeping with my own philosophy in life. Living in the present.

Watching Tuesday night I was amazed at how much I missed even though I was at the Birmingham road show. I didn’t see any of that rating stuff, or the announcement of the results of the fat gene tests. Last night was also an eye opener as to what went on before I arrived at the big tent that bright and breezy moning on April 26th. I didn’t realize that they were panicing that there wouldn’t be enough people to make the statues. Watching it brought it all back and it was great to finally see the sculptures from the air.

Thanks SAS for recroding all of them for me. I’m looking forward to watching again my fear and elation as the day unfolded. It will be a reminder of how it was possible to overcome some of my deepest taboos. I must say I was a bit taken aback by how many wilies were on show ln the tv – also a bit pleased that so many people were willing to just let it all hang out. At the end of the day I think it was Trinny and Suzanna who were a bit reserved on the day, but fair play to them – they did, as they put it – get thier kit off. Check out the pics on the ITV website.

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2 Responses to ITVs Great Biritsh Body

  1. Sandra says:

    Thought you were great, although it would have been nice to see more of you!- I mean your journey from B`ham to the Downs, and how it felt actually going through with the whole thing from beginning to end. Not that I`m biased in any way. But I think they missed a good opportunity there. T&S copped out at the end, all that huddling…. Bless. Well done you. Prime time tv three nights running! Onwards and upwards. love SAS xx

  2. Predencia says:

    Thanks SAS. They’ve sent me some pictures which I’ll put up asap. I missed another prime time opportunity for ITV because I was in Spain last week. They were filming on Thursday and I wasn’t back till Sunday. However, there may be another opportunity in August – may be on a panel discussing how children should be taught about sex and relationship. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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