The wonders of NLP

This weekend I qualified as an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner. NLP studies three areas: Neurology – the mind and how we think; Linguistics – how we use language and how it affects us; and Programming – how we sequence our actions to acheive our goals.

There are many training courses out there all adopting different ways of delivering the training. Some work with small groups, others with groups of say 30+ and those by the likes of Paul MaKenna work with groups of 300+. I was fortunate enough to be on a course with 5 other people and two facilitators. It felt at times that I was getting 1:1 tuition. It wasn’t the cheapest but I’ve come away feeling extremely well equipted to practice. Doing the course over seven weeks meant that I could work with the techniques as I learned them with existing clients and friends who wanted to shift some of their long held limiting beliefs and blocks to acheiving their goals.

The techniques are amazing. One of the guys on the course had a phobia of frogs. Using NLP and systematic desenitization he went from being terrified of being anywhere near a frog to holding one in his bare hands within an hour. Fear of flying came tumbling too within a very short space of time. Confidence was built and food habits broken. The great thing is that these things happened so very quickly.

I’m really looking forward to specializing in dealing with anger using NLP and have already got two people who are keen to get going. I’ll keep you posted on how they got on. (No names of course)

If you’re interested in the course I did contact Julie French or Tony Burgess at the Academy for High Achievers at or call them on 0845 373 4028

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2 Responses to The wonders of NLP

  1. Sandra says:

    Told you I`d leave a comment-eventually! I`ve just finished reading through your blogs, and for those of you that don`t know; you are reading about an amazing person. Funny, talented, compassionate…the list just goes on and on. The NLP is just the latest thing in this multi-faceted woman`s life. She uses her skills to inspire others to live their lives to the full; she teaches by example. What a life! And what a great woman. What more can I say…well, loads actually..but that will do for now! love SAS xx

  2. Predencia says:

    Thanks SAS. You know of course that you would not be able to recognise those qualities in anyone unless you posessed them yourself. Thank you for inspiring me. Px

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