Far from magic Monday

It started well enough; quite a leisurely crawn out of bed after a late night at the Kitchen Garden Cafe last night; recorded my dreams (which were a bit wierd – including keys, spectacles and mirrors) ate some breakfast; made some phone calls, cooked some food; did some work and was feeling that I was finally getting back to normal after the rush of next week. So how did it end with the ambulance coming to take my son’s friend away because we couldn’t figure out what she had taken and could barely keep her conscious. That was a couple of hours ago and I still haven’t heard how she is. Why is it when you feel like you’re just getting back in the groove, just getting back on track – life sends you the wrong kind of snow to try and derail you? Still, I guess I’m nowhere near as derailed as her parents are – my love and blessings are with them all right now. I trust she will be fine.

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2 Responses to Far from magic Monday

  1. Hello! I was surfing around the blog world and i ended up here… i’ve just read ur post.. Hope all’s well now..

  2. Predencia says:

    Hi Kris. Thanks for your message. Yeah, she’s fine now. Was some stuff going on at home that they are sorting now.Hey, I used to do a lot of work with and for people with learning disabilities and with chidren in trouble with the law. Used to work for an orgaisation called NCH. how long you been doing this work? How does it fit with your travels?

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