Love is Not a Reward

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The long silence has been the result of getting my head down and focusing on completing 3 major pieces of writing.

Love is Not a Reward - Stories and Sourcebook Love is Not a Reward – Stories and Sourcebook

I’ve come up for air. I’ve been going through the proofs of the two Love is Not a Reward books – text and source books. They will be available for sale soon, just a few more corrections and they’ll be on the shelves.

Also, I’ve just completed the first draft of a play. I won’t mention the title at the moment because it might change. It’s out to readers so I can breath for a few days. Initial responses have been very favourable, though the indications are that more work will be required to make it ready for stage. 

I am, however, very excited by suggestions that it would work as a radio play, and also as a book (narrative)…

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1 Response to Love is Not a Reward

  1. Hellloooo Bongkiyung,

    IMy mind did not decieve me as I really suspected that you are now busy on another piiece of work. Because your books are full of inspiration and good leasons to give to readers; I was thinking of how it can be possible for us to discuss with the delegates on how it can be possible for the books or one of them, to be sent to the Cameroon Ministry of Secondary and higher education to be used in all schools as a literature text book.

    We are working hard waiting for your return as you did promise: I will update you again on the general progress of everything: We had a hundred percent in the Advancve class: *

    Congratulation for the new book which I really loved to been reading now: What of not on a Sunday!.

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