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Sunday 24th November 2013

After an intense week and before the start of another my friend and I went for a what I thought would be a relaxing Sunday afternoon drink.

We arrived at happy hour. Maybe it was the two for the price of one, or maybe it was the fantastic music they played  that  encouraged me to get on the dance floor in broad daylight.

2013-11-24 02.54.13

Exhausted after some particularly energetic soca dancing I sat for a brief respite. I immediately noticed a lizard on a wall opposite. My dreams are becoming more vivid, and I’m remembering them more. They are all, however, of people at home in the UK.

Someone told me that lizards also represent the spirits of loved ones who want to make themselves known to you. I assumed the lizard was expressing approval so I got back on the floor.

If you’re ever in…

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