Back in Barbados

Writing Creatively With Spirit

Monday 18th November 2013

So I’m safely in Barbados. I arrived here after a 13 hour journey door to door. It seemed incredible short compared to the 28 hour Cameroonian one.

The main thing of note was that I sat next to someone who was very interested in shamanism and had recently participated in an Ayahausca ceremony. That was enough to grab my attention, and she held it for the 9 hour journey.

The thick heavy book on parenting I’d brought to get me in the mood for completing the parenting course got scant attention, but I raised the issue of the course with my friend within an hour of getting home.

The thing is, I’ve been giving myself a hard time because I’ve been struggling to fit Caribbean parenting needs into the straight jacket of an academic course. After talking it through with her she also admitted that…

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