Lesson 350 – We are forgiveness


Miracles mirror God’s eternal Love. To offer them is to remember Him. And through His memory to save the world.

Performer at Avelino's tribute

What we forgive becomes a part of us as we perceive ourselves. The Son of God incorporates all things within himself as You created him. Your memory depends on his forgiveness. What he is, is unaffected by his thoughts. But what hi looks upon is their direct result. Therefore, my Father, I would turn to You. Only your memory will set me free. And only my forgiveness teaches me to let Your memory return to me, and give it to the world in thankfulness.

And as we gather miracles from Him, we will indeed be grateful. For as we remember Him, His Son will be restored to us in the reality of Love.

The plan for the gym didn’t materialise. I somehow got into Bob Dylan in a big way last night after watching Adele perform to feel my love on Jools Holland and was up till nearly 2 a.m. Woke up with editing in my head and couldn’t settle till I’d done one of the stories, and then it was too late to do battle with the Christmas shoppers in the city centre. Did more editing and had a great mentoring session where I got some really helpful advice on writing screenplays, and the first feedback on one of my stories.

I’ve already got eager readers asking for the manuscript so I’m hoping to get the editing done by the end of tomorrow.

Here’s a thing. When I’m very focused like I am at the moment, I don’t have head space for grievances. Forgiveness is instant, or at least the grievance is delayed (often forgotten, replaced by some other exciting project)

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