Lesson 343 – No need for sacrifice

I am not asked to make a sacrifice to find the mercy and the peace of God.

Catherine at the RamadaThe end of suffering can not be loss. The gift of everything can be but gain. Your never take away. And you created me o be like You, so sacrifice becomes impossible for me as well as You. I, too, must give. And so all things are given unto me forever and forever. As I was created I remain. Your Son can make no sacrifice, for he must be complete, having the function of completing you. I am complete because I am Your Son. I cannot lose, for I can only give, and everything is mine eternally.

The mercy and the peace of God are free. Salvation has no cost. It is a gift that must be freely given and received. And it is this that we would learn today.

This was a timely lesson for me because I had only last night decided that there were things I would have to give up in order to be more at peace. But they are things that I enjoy. So on the one hand I have to remind myself that nothing is included that is contradictory or irrelevant, and on the other that nothing is lacking that is needed. I guess the only thing that I need give up is anything that would cause me suffering, and of curse the end of suffering cannot be a loss.

I spent most of the morning and early afternoon at the gym and spa. Hunger drove me home to a mentoring session. It seems to be a semi-regular occurrence at the moment.

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